Lauren (chinosgrrl) wrote in projekt2501,

Frank Update

Well, still not good news......he has 3 infections. Possibly the shunt, they're not sure yet...still doing blood tests. I talked to Dr. Kennedy today. He's still unable to swallow but Dr. Kennedy said she'll probably start the chemo pills again tomorrow. Not sure how since he can't swallow but we'll see.......I think she is thinking about a feeding tube and she said "I was trying to avoid sending him to a nursing home with a tube". I also don't understand how he could possibly go to a nursing home in this condition. Maybe she's thinking if he gets well enough to?? I don't know...that's the last place I want him to be. Kennedy also said he should be more alert than he is because now they stopped the other pain killers and only have him on Dilaudid and Atavan. I told her that he said a couple words for me yesterday and she sounded surprised at that. I don't know if he has any clue what he's saying or what's going on.......part of me thinks he does, part of me thinks he has no idea. I hope he has no clue for his sake. She's not too worried about his chest congestion. She said they did another ct scan of his chest and the mucus in there looked a little more "fuzzy"......i don't know what that means....she also said "we may have to make some decisions this week." He's still in an enormous amount of pain, at least seems to he was moaning like every 2 seconds, breathing is labored.....i don't know.......i have a lot of questions that i need to get straight in my head and write down because every time I talk to her i clam up because i'm really trying to grasp what she's saying or we interrupt each other and then i forget what i was going to i can't think straight because the fucking tv is blaring.......ok i'll end this here. Hope to see some people around the hospital this week so that I'm not there alone in case any "decisions" do have to be made...but we'll see.....i know everyone can't be there 24/7....

until then....

- Lauren
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