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Frank Update

Good news: The nurse said that his fever had gone down and was 98 and that his blood tests came back negative so it's not his blood that's infected, thankfully. They also drained the shunt today and they only got a very small amount of fluid out, less than they expected I guess...I was trying not to feel the bump on his head but i did once and it seemed like it went down a tiny bit. He is still extremely uncomfortable and miserable and still groaning every couple seconds, and then seems like he's asleep for a minute, then it just starts all over again. Although today he was a TINY bit more alert...he kept trying to say something but I don't know what...I couldn't make it out...and then at one point (i just BARELY heard him) he said "what happened" and i explained everything that was going on, just in case he understood.

Bad news: They stopped the chemo pills. I don't know if this is permanently, I highly doubt it, but the nurse said that he can't take pills since he can't swallow anything and the pills are HUGE, i've seen them. They are more afraid of him aspirating/choking or stuff getting into his lungs and causing pneumonia. He already sounds like he has a lot of phlegm in his lungs and it sounded like he was trying to cough but doesn't have the energy...then before i left he started sweating again so i asked him if he wanted the fan on and i heard him say "yeah" so i put it on...then i asked the nurse about him sweating and she said his fever may be spiking again but that they would check it in an hour since they had kinda just checked it.

that was pretty much it i said, i hope that he will be able to start the chemo pills again soon since it was having a positive effect on the tumor.....i don't know.....we will see. day by day.

- Lauren
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