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Frank Update

As of 5:00pm...(it is now almost 8)

He has/had a fever of 103. His saturated oxygen level got down to low 70's (73?) Should be 100. His white blood cell count is 20 and it should be between 4-11, so since it's high that means his body is fighting infection, but it's not good for it to be that high. So yes, he has an infection. They're not sure what is infected. Earlier today he had a cardiologist, pulmonary doctor and infectious disease doctor look at him and he has had blood work done and when I left (at 6:30) he was getting a CT scan of his chest. He is not doing very well but I did get him to say a couple words ("what", "yeah") through his moaning. Right now they have him on 4 different antibiotics.

Just hope that he doesn't have to go on a ventilator because the doctor doesn't think he will bounce back from that, if that happens......but I think if they come to us and say that he has to go on a ventilator, that we will say okay becuase......why not?

So, everyone is still trying to do everything that they can.

- Lauren/Projekt 2501
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