Lauren (chinosgrrl) wrote in projekt2501,

Frank Update

Looks like he's staying at Frankford-Torresdale over the weekend (still room 2287), and being moved to Chapel Manor on Monday. I asked the social worker Cathy if she knew anything about how Dr. Kennedy thought he was doing physically and she said that Dr. Kennedy said he was responding to her questions correctly yesterday morning....but when I went in yesterday he was asleep but had to be woken up to take his medicine and didn't seem to be doing very well to me, so I don't know. His breathing seemed a bit shallow and he is still in a lot of pain when he wakes up. I was trying to get him to eat because if he does not start eating soon he may very well end up on a feeding tube which would be horrible (and we have already had that experience once, last October). Now that I know the tumor "looks better" I'm expecting to see some progress physically but it does not appear that way, at least not yet anyway. Well, at least the fever is gone and he is not sweating profusely anymore. Hopefully soon things will be on the up and he will get some physical therapy at this dreadful place...

I'll let you know if anything changes. Here's the info:

Chapel Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Incorporated
1104 Welsh Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19115

(215) 676-9191

- Lauren/Projekt 2501
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