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Good news! Here is the update!

okay, the oncolgist said the tumor "looks better" so THANKFULLY it isn't any worse. she said that she really wants him to get out of bed and have some physical therapy because she thinks that just laying in bed is making him worse and i agreed and said that when he is more alert, he is constantly trying to move around and sit up, etc. i don't know how much better the tumor is sizewise, she just said it looks better.

the next step is (unfortunately) back to a nursing home. once again i asked the social worker to send him to whichever place is closer to frankford-torresdale hospital. as long as they do physical therapy with him i think that will be good.

On the other hand, Frank also has a tiny air bubble where the shunt is, so dr. kennedy called dr. judy (neurosurgeon from penn that did frank's craniotomy and shunt) but he is out of town and will be flying in tomorrow, she said. so i don't know what's going to happen with that, if they're going to have to do any surgical procedures or not...

so that's all i know. Frank is still in A LOT of pain and today when I saw him his face was red and his eyes were teary and he would be awake for a minute, then asleep for a minute and when he was awake he was still yelling and moaning in pain....but eventually he fell asleep. dr. kennedy sounded like she wanted to keep my feet on the ground, to not get overly excited and to just be rational about it. we're not totally in the clear but at least we know the tumor looks better. so now we're onto getting frank out of the hospital and into the nursing home for physical therapy and hopefully his pain will lessen. that's it!

- Lauren/Projekt 2501
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