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I talked to Dr. Kennedy today around 4pm. She said they are going to do another MRI either tonight or tomorrow morning. Since I haven't heard from her yet I'm assuming it will be tomorrow morning. She said she would call me with the results but I'm going to go there as soon as I wake up and get ready. She said that if the MRI shows that the tumor is progressing, that they are going to have to resort to "comfort measures". A few people I have told this, have asked me what they mean by that. It basically means that this chemo is their last try and if it does not work, they have done all they can and have exhausted every possibility. There is no sense in being mad at the doctors, especially Dr. Kennedy, because she is really amazing and I know she cares about Frank very much. So please, keep Frank in your thoughts and prayers, as all of you have been. Thank you so much.

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