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email i sent to kat, one of frank's friends...

he's the same. still on a ventilator and feeding tube. still sedated. still can't respond. otherwise, i have no idea when he'll be home and no idea what's going on with the blood clots besides the nurse saying that "they're smaller" but i know it's not by very much. it could take months for clots to dissolve. i know he won't be in the hospital for months, they can send him home w/ blood thinner pills and what not.....but that's about how long they take to dissolve, especially since his are so substantial. they tried to take him off the ventilator today but it didn't work. his oxygen went down to about 90. i'm very worried too even though i know he seems to be doing better...but then again it seems like he's only doing better because of the machines he's hooked up's hard to explain this to his friends because i want everyone to know the truth and to know everything that's going on but there's really no gentle way to do that. i would post more updates but there really haven't been any changes in his condition. if anything happens, good or bad, i will definitely post about it. otherwise i'm just busy attempting to go to work and school (which isn't working too well since i'm on the brink of a panic attack every time i have to go somewhere....not literally of course). i bought a book from barnes & noble called "help me live" and it's written by a cancer survivor. you should look into it, it's a really great book. she basically compiled all of these peoples opinions that are either cancer patients or cancer survivors, about what to say, what not to say and what to do and what not to do. when i come home from the hospital at night i just wanted to find a book to read and help me relax that has to do with the most important thing going on in my life right now and not read about a diet or a true crime story...i got that and another little book called "hope" (i forget what the rest of the title is) and that has lots of quotes from people about cancer. the worst part is leaving the hospital at night knowing i won't see him until the next day and that he's not in my hands...anyway, basically, his oxygen is around 96 right now. they want it to be above 95 so technically that's good.....but like i said....he's still on the ventilator, still sedated, still on the feeding tube. i'm just going to copy and paste this email into lj and myspace instead of writing everyone two or three times. hope to hear from you soon....

- Lauren
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