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As you know I am now fighting a battle with brain cancer..I would like to take a step not just for me but for alot of peoples futures... I am asking all my friends who are also fellow musicans to "donate" a song to me.....So that i can produce a compilation that a 100% of the sales go to the American Cancer Society.... I feel that with as involved in music i am...just something as small as this could make a difference in someones life...maybe even my own.PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND I'LL BE SURE TO GET BACK TO YOU ASAP. If you are not a musican or if you know a band/project you feel would be interested, please forward this messege along to them..I hope to get some feedback and some great music as well.... and if you dont want to wait for the cd then please just go here......

thank you for your time,

Frank Miller

*feel free to repost this*
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